The Landmark Project


5th Conference on
Socially Responsible Procurement of

22 & 23 May 2017 | Mainz/Germany

4th Conference on
Socially Responsible Procurement of

2 & 3 November 2016 | Bremen/Germany

After having hosted three successful conferences on IT-Procurement in Rostock, Schwerin and Gelsenkirchen we are to continue the conference series in Bremen this year.

Firstly, we will concentrate on the working conditions within the Eastern European electronics industry. Further thematic emphases will include aspects of the life cycle of electronic devices which are often neglected – such as the extraction of raw materials, and waste disposal.

The conference will close with a joint discussion on how strategic procurement by the public authorities could contribute to positive developments of the global working conditions.

You’ll find the online registration form here.
Please find the PDF version of the programme here.

We are expecting experts from:

Electronics Watch
    … offers monitoring for the IT-Industry.

    … trade in „fair“ soldering tin.

Fairphone t.b.c.
    … produces the „fairest“ smartphone.

    … investigated on the sustainable disposal of electronic waste.

MKC Prague
    … investigated on IT-production in the Czech Republic.

    … produces a socially responsible mouse.

TCO Development
    … certifies more sustainable hardware.

WEED World Economy, Ecology and Development
    … offers experts’ assessment to IT supply chains

Moderator: Christian Maier, Der Kongress tanzt